LIFE, Survive, Fashion

Eyeing a trouble future:  Pakistani flood survivor look out from their makeshift tent after fleeing their village near tent, Hyderabad Pakistan.

In a chilling, all-too-familiar story, Masua Abaneru, 22, was abducted by the guerilla group and apocalyptic-Christianity cult, the Lord’s Resistance Army, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Abaneru was taken into the bush where LRA commanders forced his own children to hit him with sticks until (they thought) he was dead. Several days after the beating, Abaneru woke up and literally crawled until he found help.

A model presents a new dress on the fourth day of London Fashion Week.

3 pictures depict a varried living pattern from differnt parts of the globe.  What is life?  What is fashion?   When facing the quest of  survival, fashion means nothing.




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